A big part of finding out if your girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating on you is catching them in lies

The objective of this article is to make you an effective human lie detector. This specific lie detector testLinus taking a lie detector test to see if he is cheating is actually a double lie detector test that double verifies your boyfriend or girlfriend is lying to you. It is a very effective and powerful technique for detecting lies and cheaters.

Step of number one – wait for an opportunity to arise where the whereabouts of your boyfriend or girlfriend are in question. You are looking for a situation where you believe they are with their secret lover and of course that is something they would lie about.

The first part of this technique you’re going to ask questions of their whereabouts. One extremely important point you must keep in mind is that in your efforts to catch your wife or husband or boyfriend or girlfriend cheating is you must at all times maintain the appearance of being ignorant. You must never let on to your cheating partner that you have any clue whatsoever he may be cheating. To do so will only make him more cautious about his cheating and cheating related activities so your job to catch them will become more difficult. Keep this in mind when applying this lie detector test.

The power of the first part of this technique is make sure you ask a very specific questions of his whereabouts so that there is no possible way he could have the answers pre-rehearsed. This will throw him off guard.

What you are looking for is for obvious signs of nervousness. If he is telling the truth he is no reason to be nervous. By making the questions questions where the answers couldn’t possibly be rehearsed will add to the nervousness and magnify it. If you detect nervousness he has failed the first part of this lie detector test and now you move on to the second even more powerful phase.

The second part of this lie detector test for catching your cheating partners lies…

During the process of asking him these questions if you notice the nervousness and  uneasiness what you will do at this point is immediately change the subject to something that is completely nonthreatening to him and has nothing to do with his whereabouts whatsoever. What you are looking for is:

  1. how willing is your boyfriend or girlfriend to gladly change the subject?
  2. how strong was the sense of relief of changing the subject that you picked up on terms of facial expressions and body language?

The success in this lie detector tests involves:

  • how strongly you picked up on the sense of nervousness or an easiness in the first part of the lie detector test.
  • how strongly you picked up on the sense of relief that came over your cheating partner when you change the subject in the second part of the lie detector test.

If you feel your suspicions of an infidelity are strong enough the next step you can take to turn suspicions into solid undeniable proof is to install a spy mechanism on his cell phone or a PC spy program if you believe infidelity is occurring on the computer in some manner.

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