The best way to catch a cheating boyfriend or husband or wife is to have a variety of spy or spyware devices to cover all the bases. This way you don’t miss a thing.  Here is a listing of all different types of spyware tools and devices you can use to monitor and catch a cheating spouse or lover.

SpyBubble cell phone spy program

Spyware tool #1 to catch cheating husband or wife – cellphone spyware software

Cellphone spyware software is one of the most effective tools you can use to catch a cheater. There are a variety of reasons for this including the fact that if your wife or husband is cheating they’re going to use their cell phone to communicate with the person they are cheating with. Being that a cell phone as a portable device and can go anywhere that you are not it creates a false sense of security for them.

The most popular and well-known of these is spy bubble.   Spy bubble cell phone spyware doesn’t actually get install the cell phone. You create a membership of spy bubble, enter the serial number of the cell phone you want to track ( spy bubble shows you how) and from that point on 24 hours a day seven days a week you get all kinds of information.

All incoming and outgoing calls from the cell phone, text messages, pictures and videos taken, and SpyBubble cell phone spyware has built-in GPS tracking technology so literally 24 hours a day seven days a week you can see on a map on any computer the exact location of your cheating boyfriend or girlfriend.  The cost is a one time fee of roughly $60.  visit now.

Spyware tool #2 to catch cheating husband or wife – mini spy cameras

A miniature camera is a great spyware device to catch a cheating partner. Mini Spy CameraMany cameras come in a variety of shapes sizes and types. There are tiny stand alone mini cameras you can place anywhere you wish.  Stand alone mini spy cams start at only $30. One of  the most common types is a hidden spy camera that looks like it’s something else.  For example there are smoke detectors with hidden spy camera built into them which are around $99.  There are also electric alarm clocks with hiddenAlarm clock with hidden spy camera spy cameras in them with HD technology and night vision so you can still capture the action even with the lights off.  These cost from $150 and up. There are even air purifiers with built in hidden spy cameras for around $200. There are lots of other gadgets with built in spy cams.

The ideal way to use this type of technology is arrange for some sort of excuse for you to be away for a few days, sick relative that sort of thing. This of course will make your cheating boyfriend or girlfriend more comfortable and increase the likelihood that they will have their cheating partner in your home. Your hidden spy cameras will be there to pick up and record the action for your viewing pleasure when you get home.   visit now.

Spyware tool #3 to catch cheating husband or wife – computer keylogger and spy software

If you suspect your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife are in some WinSpy PC spy programmanner using the computer to talk to people that maybe they shouldn’t be the use of a spy program for the computer is the way you want to go. With these programs you have to be very careful.

Most of them have good features but only the best ones have the most absolutely necessary features.   For instance one of the most important features of any computer spy program is that it isn’t detected by the person using the computer no matter what. Aside from that other things that your best computer spy programs will do that they will capture everything the user types, every website and webpage they visit, any webpages that require usernames and passwords those will be recorded and saved, plus the ability to use any web cams attached to the computer as viewing devices so you can view the cheater and any other remote location. WinSpy PC spy is the preferred software program and costs around $50.    visit now.

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