How to Catch a Cheater by Learning How to Tell When Someone is Lying

If you are in a relationship with someone who is cheating on you or has cheated on you in the past then you are certainly a relationship with someone who is a liar perhaps pathologically.  On the most basic level at the bare minimum the person cheating on you has to lie to you about where he is when he is with his secret lover.

The ability to read body language and facial expressions to detect lying is an invaluable skill to help you detect and catch cheating. The process of catching cheating is basically a two-step process, the first step being gathering sufficient evidence before moving on to the more serious step number two which is using definite physical tools to spy on the cheater and get hard-core evidence and proof of the cheating. An example of such spy tools would be a cellphone spying program or a computer spying program.

This first step to being an expert at reading lying body language is to first establish a baseline of what the facial expressions and body language are of your cheating lover when they are telling the truth. This makes their facial expressions, when lying, stand out more and easier for you to detect.

Here are the way a few key facial features will behave or animate when lying:

  1. Normal facial expressions are characterized by the different facial features moving in animating in harmony with each other to express emotions. For example if someone is sad and crying each of the different facial features will show this. You could look at a photograph of the eyes of someone crying and tell by their eyes they are crying. You could also look at a photograph of the same persons mouth and tell by the way the mouth as they are crying. Someone who is lying their facial features will not move in harmony. Usually only the mouth will express emotions while the rest of the face may be rigid. In other words a smiling face of a liar may show the mouth smiling but the eyes are not smiling with the mouth.
  2. The behavior of the nose of a liar may have the appearance of a nose that is smelling something that doesn’t smell good, a crinkled up look.
  3. The type and the length of the answers a liar gives to questions they are lying about is usually much shorter or longer than normal. When a liar gives a much shorter answer than usual it is because the psychological intention is to reveal as little as possible. When a liar gives a much longer answer than normal is because they are overcompensating, giving you more details as if to prove to you, with these extra details, they are not lying.
  4. The eyes of a liar will be the eyes of a nervous person. This means either rigidly stiff and focused eyes, eyes moving left and right rapidly, or eyes that have difficulty maintaining eye contact with your eyes so they may looked down or away when giving you lying answers.

One thing you can do to make your job of detecting lies much easier is make the liar have to lie harder. The way he would do that is think up questions in advance that there is absolutely no way they could have prepared answers for. Most of the time when a cheater, for example, goes out on a date with their secret lover in their mind they’ll come up with a variety of explanations for where they were thinking up their lying answers in advance. By asking them questions there is no way they could have possibly rehearsed before hand this will force them to think on their feet adding to the tension and magnifying the body language signals of your cheater lying to you.